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Tonights the night [05 Feb 2011|11:26am]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm off to the theatre to see Spamalot tonight! My lovely friends will also be coming up to come see it with me. It's going to be great, I get to cross one of my life ambitions off the list!

Because that is far more important than getting a job XD

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Awesomeness [16 Jan 2011|07:45pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I feel like it's been ages since I posted anything on here about my life and goings on, however I still can't be bothered to post any real news. I AM FAR TOO BUSY! Uni and job hunting has consumed me lol

Anyway the whole point of this update is that finally after years and years of waiting I am finally going to get to achieve one of my ambitions in life. I finally get to go see SPAMALOT! ::Squeals with excitement::

I have wanted to see this stage show for so long and this is a great time as well, as it's managed to really cheer me up!

So yes I get to go see it with several of my friends from home too so we'll have big fun times! Now I must go and listen to the soundtrack for Spamalot so I can obnoxiously sing along!

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Christmas time [12 Dec 2010|10:29am]
Today it is Christmas in the house of Belgrave!

Sometimes I just love being at uni it means i get 2 christmas days!

So Merry Christmas Everyone. Time for me to go; eat, watch xmas dvds, be merry and unwrap presents. Christmas turkey here i come!
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Lesson Learnt: Safety Shoes are a Must [20 Jun 2010|09:05pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I should be updating with pics from the London Expo (which was indeed awesome and I will do soon) but instead I'm going to ramble on about how awesome my first ever gig was and how it proves how much I've changed.

Last night I saw Green Day at Wembley with my brother and some of his friends. I had many reservations about this, I'd been told about moshing and I hate crowds and queuing, still wearing my steel toe capped work shoes and carrying a bag of food I marched to the que, where I jumped part of it to get to where my brother had been queuing for a while longer XD

As expected the queuing = not fun, 4 and a half hours of queuing then we were let in where we all rushed to get near the front and then there was another 1 and a half hour wait til the first support act. When he started playing and wasn't good I kinda figured it wasn't going to be good and that my aching legs were for nothing...

Still i assured myself, it's not too crowded, I had space and was with people I knew and then when the 2nd support act (an old 80s band called Joan Jett and the Blackhearts who i recommend, if only for their name) where quite good I thought "Hey I might enjoy this"...Then Green Day came on.

Immediately the crowd surged forward and i was trapped and swayed and pushed and shoved and all i wanted was to get the hell out of there! Then when I thought things couldn't get worse I was separated from the group I was with, so I was surrounded by pushing strangers, most of whom were taller than me! That's when it came to me I was wearing big ass boots and couldn't be hurt by people stepping on my toes, so I stared pushing back and it was awesome!

Such a rush to be in a surging crowd and part of it, so as I'd lost people I instead pushed my way forward to get a better view of the stage and was pumping my arm with the crowd and singing. It was amazing, one of the best feelings ever!

Green Day themselves were very good, very charismatic and good at getting audience involvement, they had people up there to sing with them and then made them crowd surf and for their encore dressed up and did the can can to lulus shout. By then overcome with my need for water (as I hadnt moved from the pit all day) I headed to the side where they were giving it out and there found my brother, so spent the last 30 mins with him, which was nice.

So things I learnt:
1) I can do it, I can survive and enjoy being in a crowded gig
2) I can cope on my own
3) I can hold my own as evidenced by getting to a place with a great view and pushing back against people (plus kicking someone in the shin, with my boots when he elbowed me in the face)
4) Wear safety shoes to gigs
5) Hydrate - as many people fainted
6) Live bands do have a great atmoshere
7) Always best to wear some band thing, eg t-shirt, or I bought a wrist band
8) Prepare for the ques and don't move from your spot once you have a good one
9) Expect bruises as you do get battered by the crowd

So despite my bruises and sorefeet and legs it was a great experience, one I hope to repeat with other bands now!

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Who knew it'd all be so exhausting. [22 May 2010|07:29pm]
[ mood | drained ]

My uni essay which I've been working on for the duration of placement is now complete and handed in, with my tutor telling me i'm on course for what I want, which is a first. Now though I have to wait until MID-SEPTEMBER to find out what I've got. Which is rubbish on the part of my uni. Ah well I'll find out much sooner than that whether I've won the Best Placement Student Award which i was nominated for.

Even if I don't get it though, just knowing I was considered great enough to be nominated, and seeing the nice things my managers said about me was a huge confidence boost. I just feel so much more prepared for the big wide world now XD Like I know I can do it all now.

In countdown now for the end of my placement year, although I've been asked to stay on for an extra 3 weeks! Which extends it now til mid-August. Needless to say I jumped on it. So yay! That in itself is a stamp of approval to be asked to stay on instead of shoved out the door.

Ugh I'm so tired, not only have I worked all week I'm working all weekend too, doing assessment centres for summer workers. 8.15 to 5.15 today and 9.30-3.30 tomorrow, on the nicest weekend of the year, just my luck! And then of course working all next week. It's going to be hell.

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A Much Belated Entry [04 May 2010|03:05pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So once again it's been ages since my last update. I kept meaning to make one, as lots has happened, but I never seemed to have the time. So in quick order:

I have my replacement undergraduate for next year...which has bought out a slightly territorial side in me, as I don't want her to take over from me. I know it won't happen as we're two different people but still...So I've started organising a few nights out.

Things with Mark are still going well, although after meeting my work colleagues he's decided not to come on most of our nights out, which suits me for...reasons XD

My uni essay is almost complete, I just need to cut a few words and then post it off, which is great as it's not even due in til the end of the month!

Whilst in London for Marks birthday I discovered the inscription I want on my tombstone:
Nothing last forever, neither body nor solid rock. RIP. Restless In Perpetuity,
How morbid is that! Then in a strange twist at work the next week we discussed whether we'd want to be buried or cremated and what songs we'd have at our funeral lol

Finally I'm back at home for the week, using up the rest of my holidays and whilst the weather could be nicer it's great to see my friends and family again. Had a great night with friends last night; eating cake, playing articulate, twister and Astrix and discussing the election and art XD

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Snow in the New Year [06 Jan 2010|07:46pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So normally I never bother with New Years resolutions, I never see the point, after all it lasts for maybe a few weeks, and then there's the hassle of thinking one up in the first place. This year however I thought up one on my long train journey home.

"Stop wishing my life away"

This has been a key theme in my life. When I was younger I'd eagerly await Christmas, then straight after that I would look forward to my birthday. Then when I moved away from uni it would be looking forward to going home for holidays and counting the days. Well enough is enough. From now on I am going to appreciate my normal days more, after all I'm in a job I love and in the early stages of a new relationship. So i shall try thsi new thing, and you all have to help me out by pointing out whenever I start saying "I can't wait for..."

In other news I had a horrendous journey back up here, busy train and then I went to the tube line that was closed, so ended up having to walk all the way over to the other one, which was outside in the cold! it's now snowing again up here as well, and was -6 the other morning! Brrrrrrrr. I hate the cold cos our house never warms up properly, still I got to walk to work today which was nice ans refreshing! We then got sent home early as well.

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Confidence x100 [16 Nov 2009|08:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

As part of my work placement year we have a visit from a uni tutor in November and then they serve as a point of contact to us. I met mine on Friday and she is lovely. We were just chatting for ages before getting down to the important questions.

The very good news is that apparently work is letting me get involved in many impressive things, my tutor was very impressed with everything they've let me do and how enthusiastic I am about it all!

She then talked to my manager who said some amazingly nice things about me, so nice in fact that I felt I should be paying her or something lol

Anyway the greatest news is that she is going to nominate me for the Best Placement Student Award. I was so excited I didn't even think to ask what the prize is! It was really just so nice to know that she thinks I'm doing well enough to get it! On the not great news side, I need to get 70% or more in the report I have to write this year :( So no slacking off for me! Luckily my tutor has said she'll give me all the help she can!

Now I just have to start really writing it and researching the company as much as possible!

It's just been such a confidence boost to hear that I am doing well though, so now I shall continue to do my best!

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World Domination and Other things [29 Oct 2009|09:17pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

London Expo was amazing yet again! Thanks in part to the three lovely ladies that i went with. One of whom very heroically got us unlost after I proved yet again that I can't be trusted with directions! Expo was as always fantastic! Some people's costumes made me really wish I was creative enough to make something like it!

I also went to the Merlin panel again and Morgana and Gwen's actresses were as funny as ever! I also qued for an hour to get a signed poster by them and then very cleverly couldn't think of a thing to say to them! Go self!

I also fail spectacularly as a leader of a zombie army after a zombie managed to chase us in the con...ahem really it was just a test, to uh see if he was good enough to be in my army...really :O Still it was funny and surprising how many people were dressed as zombies (we saw Zombie Belle and Cinderella!) But that they also had these actors going round as zombies was really fun!

I'm now back to my boring non-geek self at work now, although warehouse gossip is getting more and more interesting! You could so make a soap opera out of it all!

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I Just Can't Wait To Be King! [20 Oct 2009|09:11pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

After what was a fantastic week at home, I have returned to what I call the North...but what most others refer to as the South :P

Then on my first day back at work I managed to walk right into the middle of an important meeting, and then later got everyone confused over data that I had constructed from 2008 data, as it seems I feel a year behind everyone else lol

Tomorrow I'll be heading to London to watch the stage show of the Lion King with some of the other undergrads! Very exciting!

Then several days later on Friday i shall once again head to London and meet up with some lovely friends of mine, as it is that wondrous time of year again...THE LONDON EXPO! This year I shall cosplay Yotsuba from The Demon Ororon and laugh over how no one will know who i am!!!!!

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QUIZ! [28 Sep 2009|09:34pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Ok so big, very important question as this has been bugging me for ages. What is this song called and who did it?

"Hey little sister what have you done, hey little sister who's the only one...It's a nice day for a white wedding, it's a nice day to start again...It's a nice day for a white wedding."

I'll be eternally grateful to whoever answers this! You'll stop me screaming in frustration every time I hear this song!

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Mutter mutter, it's as bad as they say and also family stuff [22 Sep 2009|08:59pm]
[ mood | scared ]

This place sucks, this town is as scary and rough as people said. The guys next door WERE BURGLED! And it wasn't even like their open window was visible from the street, someone would have had to walk up the passageway that leads only to their and our gate and then open the gate and look around...Just the thought of it creeps me out...

Specially as one girl suggested that they may have been watching us as they came when we were all at work. Ugh, if they'd come tomorrow I'd have been in the house...Keeping the door locked at all times now!

I can't wait for this year to be over...

So onto what I started updating about, my little brother went off to uni on Wednesday, my uni of Plymouth, so 2 hours from home and bless him but i think it was a bit of a shock. I called him tonight to discover that he was on his way back to our house to surprise mum and dad, thinking it would be nice for them to see him.

Only thing is I think my dad thinks being away for only 3 nights wasn't long enough, and it didn't help that he turned up with a girl, that none of us want him involved with. So while mum is happy to see him, I think it's caused a bit of tension from my dad. I guess this is a sign of how it only seems to take the slightest thing to set him off. I won't even bother going through everything that's happened with my parents since I've moved here, let's just say I spent a lot of time in tears.

Still I hope things are better for Andrew at home tomorrow and that he gets settled in at uni soon! Also that my parents relax a bit on their holiday next week...

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Victory! [19 Sep 2009|06:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I has internets at home finally! And a house all to myself!

Now off to check my friends page!

Also yay merlin is back tonight!

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It could only happen to me [06 Sep 2009|10:09am]
[ mood | sore ]

I will not be givng blood again, despite it being a great thing to do. One trip to hospital in an ambulance is enough for me thanks.

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London Baby! [30 Aug 2009|08:48pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's a good thing I'm earning as i'm having an expensive time here at my uncles, where I have come to stay for some family time! Having a girly weekend, just bought an expensive dress (I'm doing way too much shopping at the moment lol - I blame internet withdrawal) and going for mani and pedicures tomorrow!

Sky should eventually get round to giving us internet in the house mid-september so i will catch up with you all then! Can you believe it's been 7 weeks since I was last on here!

Anyway until then, take care!


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Results are in! [10 Jul 2009|05:49pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I got my uni results in and they were good, better than hoped for. So now I can move on to thinking about my placement. I'm all packed up and ready to move up country on Sunday. Though I'll be taking the train up with just a suitcase to last me for the first 2 weeks. Dad will bring my other stuff up later when I can move into my house, as the first 2 weeks are spent in uni halls, with, get this, NO INTERNET! So until I can move into my house and get all sorted out I will be on enforced hiatus.

So take care and catch up with you all in 2 weeks!

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?! [09 Jul 2009|11:46am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Why is it that when you want and need something it's never there?

I've also now added to my painting collection after buying a painting from a gallery that a friend is running and then had to restrain myself from buying these two cute little paintings that she had actually done. Why can't I have endless amounts of money? Then I could buy everything in there that I liked lol

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Worst holiday ever [22 Jun 2009|01:27pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

This is officially the worst summer holiday I've ever had. Not only has there been loads of stuff going on but also my beloved cat patch has just been put down. It was awful she stopped eating and drinking and just went all limp, so we had to take her to the vets and say goodbye. I still keep looking round for her and it's so weird seeing the empty place where her bowl was. I miss her so much.

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Yo ho ho [20 Jun 2009|12:24pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Well this evening I shall be setting sail on a boat as one of my uni friends is having her 21st on said boat. I just hope the weather stays nice and that we don't sail around too much, I don't do well on boats XD So wish me luck :)

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Why do people fall for the sympathy thing? [29 May 2009|10:42pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Gah Britains got talent, gah! Yeah sure let's let the girl who suffers from stage fright and couldn't even finish her song first time round thru, instead of the hot guy with the cool voice. Why make her go thru that again? SHE WAS TERRIFIED! Sssssshhhhh this was important and had to be said, BGT MATTERS!

So yeah I'm home now, second year of uni is finished and I miss the people up there already, I had tears as my dad drove me away. I hate goodbyes, specially as I won't be seeing much of any of them for the next year. But yeah mixed feelings about being home too. Although apparently Damian Lewis is back in Life soon! Still I'll miss you Uni!

Also London Expo was full of awesome win and the greatness that was my friends. And I got free stuff too, which is always great XD

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